Superior Dental Care is a unique partnership formed between dental professionals and benefit providers. We are different from many other dental benefit carriers. We are owned and directed by our participating dentists, keeping our primary focus on our original mission. We hold our profit margin to an astonishingly low 5%, putting each additional dollar toward growing our network and delivering competitive and unique products. Our network now encompasses over 10,000 dental locations throughout Ohio and Kentucky. Our plan options have grown from our sole original choice, the network-only plan, to a number of creative and competitive plan options that allow both in and out of network access. We continue to focus on providing the highest quality of dental benefits. We strive to ensure that our plans are the best solution for employers and their employees. We continue to believe that while expert service thrives on the efficiency of technology, it is still our personal touch that sets us apart.

Tom has worked with SDC since 1996. He sells group dental insurance and group vision insurance through the company. SDC is a member of the Chamber Alliance.

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